Maths and Me Author Talk

Watch a recording at one of our Maths and Me launch events with one of our authors, Claire Corroon as she talks about the New Primary Maths Curriculum and how our programme is fully aligned to the PMC. We’ve broken it down in parts for you, for easier viewing.

1. Learning Teaching and Assessment

Duration – 12:07

2. Three Act Task

Duration – 9:12

3. Primary Curriculum

Duration – 12:14

4. Invisible and Visible Preparation

Duration – 14:10

5. Recorded Preparation and Wrap Up

Duration – 13:29

Maths and Me Author Webinar

Watch our Maths and Me webinar hosted by one of our expert Maths authors, Claire Corroon talk about how our programme is designed to make the New Primary Maths Curriculum a seamless, exciting and straightforward journey for teachers.