Maths and Me Pupil Books

Maths and Me high-quality Pupil’s Books include innovative features and provide opportunity for consolidation and extension activities.


The Pupil’s Books come with free manipulatives including a

  • mini-whiteboard
  • ten frame
  • double ten frame
  • spinner
  • cut-out place value arrow cards and place value counters


The Maths and Me Pupil’s Book pages include purposeful and engaging features such as:


  • Let’s Talk (to support Maths Talk)
  • Let’s Play (to encourage playfulness)
  • Try This (to provide appropriate cognitively challenging tasks)
  • Further features include Maths Eyes and Let’s Investigate
  • Mathematical models are also extensively used to encourage mathematical modelling

View our Maths and Me books below.

Comprehensive plans to assist your teaching of the New Primary Maths Curriculum

Yearly Overview

  • Designed with multi-grade settings in mind
  • Planned around units (week or fortnight)
  • Carefully sequenced units
  • Review weeks built in
  • Limited new content covered in June


Unit Plans

  • Comprehensive – everything you need to teach the unit
  • Contains short-term preparation (fortnightly plan) – e.g. outlines focus of learning (linked to progression continua), learning experiences and assessment
  • Useful background information, e.g. about the theme of the unit, the placement of the unit, what’s new, etc.
  • Common misconceptions are outlined
  • Models used in the chapter are highlighted

Lesson Plans

  • Each lesson has a clear focus of learning, informed by the progression continua
  • Learning experiences are clearly highlighted in bullet points
  • The equipment and maths language are also highlighted
  • Plans contain three parts – warm ups, main event and optional consolidation and extension ideas
  • Tips and notes are included to aid the teacher throughout
  • Let’s Strengthen, Let’s Deepen and assessment opportunities are highlighted
  • Learning experiences are a perfect blend of
    [D] digital, [C] concrete and [P] print based
  • CPA approach is used, as recommended

Lesson Plans include the use of Maths and Me Routines:

  • These are a collection of playful, engaging and inclusive interactions that promote mathematical talk, thinking and modelling among all children
  • These repeatable routines have been deliberately chosen as they are proven to activate prior knowledge, foster productive dispositions and provide valuable formative assessment opportunities for teachers
  • Many of the Maths and Me Routines are directly supported by innovative and intuitive digital resources, e.g. Concept Cartoons, Quick Images, Three Act Tasks